World cup fever has well and truly hit the UK and here at Align Therapies, we have been lucky enough to work with Team Fiji using osteopathy in their Rugby World Cup campaign. Having previously worked with the South Pacific team in the Autumn Internationals in 2014, it was clear to see the hard work and dedication put in has paid off with not only a strong squad, but a hugely knowledgeable medical team which included Physiotherapists, Doctors and Orthopedic surgeons.

It was great to be able to have the experience of treating professional players of such a high caliber whilst working alongside a medical team who are hugely supportive of Osteopathy and the techniques used – including sports massage, manipulation and muscle energy techniques to name but a few. Many of the Fijian players also use osteopaths within their regional clubs, which shows how much osteopathy is growing within professional sport!

Osteopathy can help improve performance as well as treat the injuries being suffered. By using their knowledge of diagnosis and highly developed palpatory skills they can help to restore structural balance, improve joint mobility and reduce adhesions and soft tissue restrictions so that ease of movement is restored and performance enhanced.
Osteopathy can help keep players supple and improve muscle tone so reducing the risk of injury to soft tissues unaccustomed to the extra work they are being asked to do.

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