Mindfulness classes – Starting January 2017

January sees the start of our Mindfulness Meditation classes with Amy.

Start date – Tuesday 17th January 2017, 7-8 pm.
The course will be 8 weeks which includes one session at the beach.
£95 per person

A non refundable deposit of £35 is needed prior to the start date to secure you a place and the balance of the course is to be paid on the first session.
Please book your place as space is limited!

What is mindfulness meditation?
Mindfulness meditation is a practice that we can adopt and incorporate into our everyday lives. It is where we choose to pay full attention to the present moment no matter what we are doing or where we are. By purposefully being connected to our actions and indeed our life in this way, we inevitably become more engaged with all that we experience. When we live mindfully we have a deeper sense of our internal world and therefore build stronger emotional resilience and in turn have higher self esteem and healthier relationships.
A mindfulness practice provides us with the tools to better manage life’s challenges and can help us in many ways such as; stress less and feel calmer, sleep better, increase concentration, manage pain and feel happier and more fulfilled.
Mindfulness meditation isn’t just for those of us who are struggling in some way, it’s for those who also feel healthy and happy. This practice is about poor health prevention and maintaining a productive healthful attitude towards ourselves and our wellbeing.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness meditation and attending a course is a great way to discover what works best for you and your lifestyle.

For more information please call Amy Flynn on: 07886420553 or email info@aligntherapies.co.uk

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