“I have a bulging disk!” Been told you have “degeneration”? Worried it’s going to cause pain?

The eternal words we see in clinic when a patient presents to us with a MRI scan. Although not always presenting with pain…

As we age, like any joint, our spine can suffer with “wear and tear” but this doesn’t mean you will get problems!!
Keeping fit and active will allow the muscles, ligaments and tendons to support your joints!

Here is a little table to prove that, like wrinkles, the ageing process is normal not just in our face but our whole body! All of these can be incidental findings on a mri or xray!

By the age of 30, just over 50% of us will have some wear and tear to our disks – this table is the results of people with no symptoms who have had an MRI scan.

(Technical terms *annular, the rings/exterior that make up your disk *facet, the joints either side of your spine *spondylolisthesis, a slippage of a vertebrae, *osteophyte, a spur on your bone)

However, if you do suffer with spinal pain, your local osteopath can not just treat the symptoms but can also help with rehabilitation and strength training to reduce further problems! Why not give us a call and see how we can help!

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