Ankle pain:

Approximately 15% of middle ages or older adults experience ankle pain monthly!

However, ankle problems are not limited to certain age groups and can be encountered by anyone, from teenagers to elite athletes.

What is the biggest cause of ankle problems?


A sprain is where the ligaments around your ankle joint either become stretched, or in some cases torn.

Most sprains happen when the foot is planted and the ankle either rolls inwards or outwards. This puts stress through the ligaments leading to either a sprain or tear.


  • Immediate pain.
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain on weightbearing.
  • Pain on movement.
  • Pain when touching the ankle.

What to do with a sprained ankle:

In the first instance of an ankle sprain, you should follow the RICE plan.

  • REST: try to take the weight off the ankle and rest.
  • ICE: Icing for the first 24-72 hours will help reduce swelling, bruising, pain and inflammation.
  • COMPRESSION: using a compression bandage for the first 36 hours will also help reduce swelling.
  • ELEVATE: for two to three hours a day if possible!

Then why not try seeing an osteopath?

You may notice that you start to have discomfort in other areas, maybe the knee or lower back. This is due to your body starting to compensate for the ankle injury. An osteopath will be able to identify and treat these issues as well as assessing and treating your injured ankle.

Your osteopath will also be able to advise you on rehabilitation exercises to make sure you and your ankle return to full function and mobility. Along with this, your osteopath may be able to provide strapping and taping to provide some support for your ankle whilst you’re recovering.

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