Back care awareness week – focus on golf!

October saw Back Care Awareness Week from October 7th-11th and this years special focus was on back pain in golf so this month we will discuss a few facts and how you can help your golf game!

  • Lower back pain accounts for up to 34% of all golf injuries!
  • Other golf related problems can include elbow, shoulder and wrist pain.
  • Tiger Woods struggled for years with back pain before finally opting for lumbar fusion surgery which has seen him come back to his pre-surgery best! His swing is described as ‘modern’ which is more powerful & compressive on the spine compared to the likes of Jack Nicklaus who has a ‘classic’ swing.
  • Golf is a repetitive strain sport with an average 300 swings per game.
  • Golf is great for socialising, fitness and mobility no matter what your age or ability!

How to help your golf game

As Osteopath’s, we treat many golfers for all sorts of aches and pains, no matter the time of year! Here are a few tips to help stay mobile and keep your golf game strong:

  • Warming up using the golf club gentle rotations, flexion and side bending. This will help the thoracic spine (mid/upper back), hips, lumbar spine (lower back) and shoulders.
  • Balancing your game using Pilates to strengthen and improve flexibility.
  • If you are increasing your volume of playing or training, do so gradually so as to build up.
  • Regular Osteopathy if any niggles arise or as a ‘MOT’ through the busier season.
  • Have lessons with a golf professional to check swing and stance, more so if you change your clubs or have any issues such as a hip replacement.

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