Podiatry (Swansea clinic only)


Treatments Offered

For more information or to book, please call Crossroads Podiatry direct on 01792 447622.

Podiatry – £22.50
A 20-30 minute assessment and treatment, including nail care, corn, callus and any other problematic areas you wish to discuss.

Simply Nails – £17.50
A 20 minute appointment, when nail cutting is a problem, due to lack of mobility, previous in-growing toenails, fungal infection or thickened and damaged nails.

Nail Surgery Consultation – £25.00
Pre-surgical assessment to discuss surgical options, patient suitability and procedure. Your surgery can be booked following your consultation. No treatment will be provided in this appointment.

We require payment for this appointment when booking. If nail surgery is booked following this appointment, the cost of the assessment will be deducted from your surgical package.


Treatments Offered (cont)

Medical Pedicure
Combines a podiatric medical appointment and an appointment with our beauty therapist for a pedicure and application of soothing foot cream. If you have corns, callus, verruccas, split heels or problematic nails and also like your feet finished to perfection this is the appointment for you. (Medical Pedicure- diabetic friendly).

Problematic Verruca Treatment
Reduction of the problematic area, followed by various treatments aimed at destroying the viral infection. Caustic applications and cryotherapy are among the methods used. Age 6 years +, if your child has a problematic verruca and is under 6 years old please contact your local G.P practice

Initial consultation and treatment – £25
Follow up treatment – £17

Toenail Removal – £199
This is a minor procedure using local anaesthetic to achieve a permanent removal of either the total or part of a nail. Price includes assessment, surgery, anaesthetic, dressings and follow up appointments.

Payment for Nail Surgery is required at time of booking- 24 hours cancellation is required for changing or cancelling this appointment.

Diabetic Foot Check – £25 (or FREE with any other podiatry appointment booked)
15 minute foot assessment for anyone who has previously been diagnosed with diabetes. Your pulses, sensation, circulation, and skin and nail condition will all be checked.


Benefits of Podiatry

Maintaining general foot health

Preventing future joint (ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, back) problems

Reduce foot pain


"Align Yourself To Better Health"

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