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Sarah Taylor-Shaw – VTCT Level 3 Diploma Reiki

I have been interested in complementary and holistic therapies for many years. I was particularly interested in pursuing Reiki and in 2009 I signed up for a Reiki Practitioners Diploma at ‘The Broadway Centre’, Swansea College where I gained my qualification.

Reiki encourages the free-flow of this vital healing energy in a person and works on every level , not just the physical. It promotes deep relaxation and brings balance and harmony to mind and emotions. Reiki energy is gentle and non-invasive making it safe for people of all ages in any situation and may be used with confidence alongside conventional healthcare and natural remedies.

It is usual to receive a Reiki treatment either lying down or sitting. No clothing, apart from shoes and outdoor garments need be removed as the Reiki energy passes easily through all materials, including plaster casts. The practitioner will seek permission to place their hands on or over the body and the recipient draws in only as much energy as is needed, using it in the way that is most appropriate at the time.

In my spare time I am the musical director for Samba Tawe Community Drumming and Dance Group and I have been with the group for over 11 years where I teach, direct and perform as a member of the band. In addition to this, I am also resident drummer for THE UKOHOLIX (Swansea™ premier Ukulele band) where I play CAJON and percussion at gigs, events and concerts across South Wales, (and sometimes beyond). I also teach 1 -2-1 CAJON for beginners.

To book Reiki with Sarah please call 01639 698751 / 07597 369429 or use the online booking under contact us!